Thoughts for a Happy New Year and a bright CAC future...

31 Dec 2011 6:10 PM | Anonymous member

Having spent more years being amongst the first in North America to welcome in the New Year rather than the first in the world (ignoring the Kiwis at my peril), I’ve never quite got my head around New Years’ Resolutions.  Probably because my only resolution for most of those Canadian New Year’s Eves was to “get off this effing freezing fireworks foreshore and back to someone’s – anyone’s – warm house party”!

(It’s a bit long, the spelling is atrocious and disowned by the pedant in me but it’s “some real b’y”)

So, along with a turkey-less Christmas (almost, but not quite! – thanks, S&A), temperatures in the reasonably high twenties (that’s Celsius J, not 1970s Fahrenheit L) and the ability to stroll to the foreshore tonight in shorts rather than ski-suits, I’ve got more time to think this season.

Therefore, this year I thought I’d take a crack at the Resolutions process on behalf of the CAC.  Not by way of admonition or exhortation, but rather as a set of guiding principles to shape our new year.  So here we go: In 2012, we shall endeavour to have:…”

  • Greater Inclusiveness: to “open our doors” to like-minded members from other States, other organisations, and those living overseas (“Re-patriated Member” category, anyone?); this particular action was on my own To Do list from 2011 and remains “unfinished business”;
  • Wider Engagement: to become more of an enabling organization rather than an organizing entity by focusing on providing the platform for you, the members, to organize events of your choosing with the facilities and infrastructure provided by the club and the committee;
  • Better Social Networking:  to put the Social back into Networking and the Networking back into Socialising. By this I don’t mean a return to business networking events like First Tuesdays, but rather using the power of each of our 6 Degrees of Separations to encourage more CanAustradians to enjoy the benefits of our socializing and our networking.

As we look forward, it is also worthwhile to look back.  Not only at the tremendous number of activities that have been miraculously conjured by and for you over the last year or at your team that has worked so assiduously over the years past, but also at special members we have lost.  As you may have read elsewhere in this digest, the club lost a sterling member only a couple of days ago with the passing of Pat Alldritt, who died peacefully on Dec 29th after a courageous battle with cancer.

Pat, as anyone who had the pleasure to meet her would know, was a fascinating and stalwart founding member of the club – initiating it with her fellow ex-patriates back in 1967.   Pat was an inimitable character with a delicious sense of humour.  A tireless supporter of the Club, Pat returned to the committee last year – a committee she had originated some 45 years before – to help forge new, and rekindle old, connections and solutions for the club.  Not content with making it to as many CAC events as she could handle – including strapping on the boots for Ice Skating in July! – she strived for inclusiveness for all, regardless of affiliation, age or aptitude for particular activities.  An indomitable spirit fighting a brave battle with her trademark wit – I vividly remember her answer to my children (then both 5) at our first Canadian Thanksgiving together when she explained away her headscarf as her “Canadian costume for the day” – she would not be vanquished easily.   Her memory, however, shall never be extinguished in the minds – and annals – of the club.  To Ralph, Steve and Jane and the rest of the Alldritt family, the thoughts of all at the CAC are with you.

Picking up the torch from Pat (and the rest of our excellent 2011 committee - to whom I pass on, on your behalf, our most grateful thanks), we’ve got a great new team for 2012.  There’s another article elsewhere on the group – some new faces, some familiar returnees – and it is on behalf of them, and (somewhat recursively) on behalf of the entire membership, that I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous CanAustradian New Year!

Kindest regards,


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