Magic Ice Rinks... and Magic Teams!

31 Jul 2011 10:23 PM | Anonymous member

I’ve just come from the Ice Rink.  It was 18o+, the sun was beating down, the hockey team that finished just before us had left the ice pretty fresh – even without a Zamboni – and the beers were cold.  Couldn’t have been a more perfect Canadian Day!

Except that we were at Cathedral Square, Sydney and not Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto and the skates were orange (with buckles) rather than standard CCM black (with laces).  But that didn’t stop the 25+ of us from having a blast, true Canadian Australian-style!

(Member 'Skipper Frank' Volckmar, Oliver Warrick, your humble correspondent and soon-to-be member, Australian Geoff Kendall - albeit already an Honorary Manitoban and Screeched-In Newfy)

And that’s not all we’ve done this last month or so.  I can confirm that at least 58 people were Screeched In earlier this month (and “shouted out” live on Newfoundland VOCM radio during the event) at our festive, fireworks-funtastic Canada Day party in Darling Harbour, we’ve had a couple of Penrith Bears hockey games, the Tucker & Dale vs. Evil screening at the Sydney Film Festival and the Darling Harbour Jazz & Blues Festival.

In less than a fortnight, I (along with fellow CACers) will also get to step out to the Sold Out opening night premiere of the Canadian Film Festival (Score: A Hockey Musical), the CAC-Sponsored Canadian Film Festival premiere of A Beginner’s Guide to Endings on Aug 10th (some tickets still available), plus our own Matt Gerber performing live in Petersham, a Penrith Bears hockey game and our perennial heart-starter Monthly Mixer.

Don’t get me wrong – even I don’t get to ALL of this (though that IS me in the picture up there) – but I do get to choose:  whether for me, for Caz & I or for me, my family and friends!

And all this doesn’t happen by magic.  Or rather it does. 

A special type of magic.  And those that conjure that magic do benefit along with the rest – perhaps a tad more, as they say “giving is the best gift you can receive”.  (Well, if they don’t say that, THEY should.).  But there are only so many magicians, so many wands… and more magic is needed.

There’s been more than one previous exhortation in this column – including one from me – to join the team that creates that magic.  But exhortations appear to fall on deaf ears – or only those ears that can hear.  Those that are already on that station, on that wavelength

So, ‘enough already’ with the exhortations.  Let’s get straight to the invitations and, I’m not proud, pure bribery.  If it works for my 7-year olds, it’s surely gotta work with a bunch of Canucks and Canuck-ophiles.

We, your elected committee, meet monthly and – depending on the role – do a bit more beyond that.  Since the Betcher Era (and with the kind generosity of our sponsor – also family membersRedback Conferencing), we’ve efficiently held every 2nd one of those meetings by free teleconference.  On the 3rd Monday (sometimes the 4th)  of every other month, we meet in person at the Harrington Bar at Quay West Suites in the CBD – same site as our Monthly Mixers – to deliberate, delegate and, hopefully, decide what you the membership want from your club.

So, I am extending an OPEN invitation to one and all, new or long-standing members, young or old (well, if you’re the same age as my kids, you might have a problem getting the 50% discount at the bar!), previous committee veterans or “new blood to the board room” to join us – as observers – for either of the next two face-to-face meetings (6:15pm-8:00pm) before the next AGM in November:

·         Monday, August 22nd

·         Monday, October 17th

So, where’s the catch?  No catch.  Please just rock up at 6:15pm – though an RSVP would be appreciated – to see how things are done, how we operate and how – maybe – you might be able to help with an hour or two a month.  NO speaking is expected – though, if you want to say something, you will NOT be shouted down (we are Canadian, after all!) – and you will not be drafted or dragooned against your will.

No catch – so what about lures?  I have it on good authority that – miraculously – there are still sufficient supplies left of both Clamato Juice AND Newfoundland Screech to mix up a cocktail of your choice on the night.  So, throwing my Treasurer’s classic caution to the wind, we are offering a free drink – (Bloody) Caesar OR Screech – for the first 10 (30?!) committee observers to pitch up.  (And, Committee, worry not, for your continuing outstanding service, you will also get your free drink – whether or not you’ve already been Screeched In!).

It’s a truism that “if you want a job done, give it to a busy man/woman.”  We know everybody’s busy (including us), but if you want to feel good, make a difference AND get a free Screech/Caesar into the bargain then just ‘get your skates on’ for either Monday (August 22nd or October 17th) and see if we can’t take the Bored out of Board Room (BTW, we don’t actually meet in the Board Room – we ARE the CAC, we meet in the bar! ).

We hope to see you there.


"Still Acting, Still President"

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