The new Committee

24 Dec 2010 4:20 PM | Chris Betcher
The club held it's Christmas Party and Annual General Meeting recently and a new committee was elected.  Well, at least part of a new committee was elected.  As things currently stand, we do not have a president, a secretary and an events manager.  To not have these three key roles filled is very disappointing, and somewhat worrying for the club.

Although I'm technically no longer the club president, I wanted to publicly say how personally disappointed I am that we find it so damn difficult to fill committee roles.  Over the last few years that I've been in this club, I've seen many of our members eager and willing to take part in the activities and events the club offers. I've seen people turn up to functions that have been organised by others and thoroughly enjoy them. I've heard some members make comments like we should do this or that, and express opinions about what they want to see happening in the club. I've even heard some members make the occasional complaint about things that the club has done or directions the club is taking. 

As I said in my final President's Report, it takes a spirit of volunteerism to keep an organisation like this going strong.  To have an effective committee, it takes the goodwill and enthusiasm of a small group of people willing to contribute some of their time and energy so that the larger group of people has something worth belonging to. 

Unfortunately, at the AGM, the people willing to stick their hand up and volunteer their time and energy were the usual suspects. At one point we did not even have a quorum to hold the meeting. The small number of members who actually turned up for the AGM meant that the pressure to fill positions was on the same handful of people who are always volunteering.  I found this very disappointing, and it was made even more disappointing by the significant number of people who turned up later for the Christmas Party... making it obvious that the few acting for the many is far more than just a metaphor.

You can find the complete list of new committee members on the website. You'll see that the president, secretary and events manager roles are not filled, although, again, the usual suspects have stepped up to fill the roles temporarily. 

I hope we manage to find a few generous people to step up in the next couple of months and fill these roles, or the club will have an awkward 2011.

Chris Betcher
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