President's Report - December 2010

02 Dec 2010 6:53 AM | Chris Betcher
I'm writing this on the morning before tonight's Annual General Meeting and Christmas Party, and it's my final report as president of the club. After two years as president, I feel it's time to step down and let someone else have a go at the job.  It's been good to do the job... sometimes it meant a bit of work that required doing, and sometimes it's been a lot of fun... but mostly it's been rewarding.

At tonight's meeting we will be electing a new committee. A new group of people to keep the club moving forward for the next 12 months. A new group of volunteers.

Volunteerism, where you get involved in a club or other organisation to help it operate, is an important thing to do. Giving up some time and energy to help do something for others, getting involved in something that doesn't necessarily pay you for your time but rewards you in so many other ways, is an important thing to do.  I'm sure I can speak for not only myself but everyone else on the committee when I say that it hasn't always been convenient, there have been many moments of frustration, and we haven't always followed through on everything we'd intended to do. Sometimes that's just the nature of being on a committee and working in a volunteer role. Despite all that, life still goes on, and the club has moved forward.  I'm sure that what we can say is that despite those challenges, being part of the committee has still been a rewarding and enjoyable thing to be part of.

Volunteering for roles such as the committee, for this club or any other club, requires a giving spirit and a desire to want to be involved. Everyone on the committee is a busy person with many other responsibilities in their lives.  There's a saying that goes "If you want something done, give it to a busy person", and I've always found it to be true.  It's funny how the people who have lots of time on their hands generally don't get involved in extra activities, but the ones that have busy jobs, busy lives and lots going on always seem to be the ones that take on the extra responsibilities of things like volunteer committees.

I'd like to offer an enormous vote of thanks to those who have served on the CAC committee this year. It's been a busy year, and although we started the year with a number of grand goals and ideals that perhaps didn't all happen, there were still a great many good things that did. Canada Day and Thanksgiving were as special as always, there was the sailing day, the restaurant nights, the wine nights, the social days out, and so on. Membership of the club continues to grow, and the people in the club continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member. Life is good.

Can we improve? Of course, everything can be improved, and that's just part of the task for next year's committee. Take what we have now, build on it, and continue to improve it. Fine tune those things that can be fine tuned, add new initiatives, change those that aren't working... keep moving the club forward. That's what progress is all about.

The committee are an important group of people because they are the ones that make things happen in this club. They plan and manage the events.  They come up with ideas to make things better.  They manage money, speak to advertisers, run the website, write articles, take photos, buy gifts, organise raffles, make decorations, book restaurants, organise food, greet people, make decisions, attend meetings... without someone doing those things, the club just grinds to a halt. Someone has to do these things, because they certainly do not "just happen".

But I must point something out.  Very few of us are experts in these things. None of us has lots of "spare time". None of us are looking for "something to do" because we're bored. The committee is just a group of members - members like you and I - who are prepared to give just a little of their time and energy and creativity in order to make the club experience better for everyone. 

If you want to experience more from this club, I'd encourage you to think about taking on a committee role. The difference between being a member and being a committee member is enormous, and trust me when I say that you will get so much more out of the club as you start to put more into it. Being on the committee, in many ways, is like being "on the inside" and where you really start to understand what exactly we do here. It's important that someone steps up to that responsibility of being part of the committee.

The question is, will it be you?
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