President's Report, August - Lifeblood and Energy

29 Jul 2009 10:46 PM | Chris Betcher
A quick look at the events calendar reveals a whole lot of exciting things coming up for the club.  As well as the regular Monthly Mixers and Wine Nights , there is also the upcoming Mudgee Wine and Food Festival, the Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival, and of course the annual Thanksgiving Dinner.  Plenty to keep you busy.  And of course, as time rolls on and these events come to pass, there will undoubtedly be more events to take their place.

It does make me wonder about a couple of things though.  

The first is how we manage to get nearly 80 people coming out to join us for our recent Canada Day party, yet the attendance for most other events is, well, not quite so impressive.  In the last few months I’ve seen the club run picnics, hockey games, fun runs and restaurant nights, most of which attract only a small handful of club members.  And I ask myself why?  Is it just apathy? Are we not running the sorts of events that people want?  Is it just a busy time of year?  There has to be some reason why so many events attract a relatively small number of members.  Or maybe that’s “just the way it is”, and I shouldn’t let it bother me.  Maybe I should be thankful for the small minority of people who turn up to club events, and not worry so much about the majority who don’t.  At the end of the day, the people who are active and involved and come to things are the ones who benefit from their club membership.

The second thing that strikes me is the fact that the events we do offer seem to be run by the same people all the time. If this core group of people didn’t volunteer to run or host events, I wonder if others would step up to fill the void?  Or would our events calendar just dry up?  I’ve written before about the idea that clubs are made up of members and those members are the ones that run the club.  If members don’t make things happen, then nothing happens.  Simple as that.  

I’m glad that so many of our members see the value in belonging to the club in order to attend Canada Day and Thanksgiving once a year, I just think how much more vibrant our club could be if more people got involved in more things more often.  Just a thought.  To those club members who do get involved in club events, well done.  You truly are the lifeblood of the club.

I’d like to welcome Chris Warrick to the role of Treasurer as he replaces Kim Preminger.  Kim is one of those valued members who has been involved in almost every aspect of the club, who helps organise and turns up to just about every club event.  Kim is a great example of the type of person who helps make clubs like ours function, but she feels like she needs to take a break from the committee for a while.  

Other committee members who need to step down from the committee for various reasons include our Membership Officers Tom and Lou Ikeda. Tom and Lou have been doing a great job with managing the membership database, but for a number of reasons are unable to continue with that job right now.  Past website manager Lenora Carney has expressed interest in the role and I will be helping her transition into that role over the next few weeks.

I also want to offer my thanks to Taran Cunningham, who again for personal reasons needs to step down from her role as Club Councillor. Thanks Taran for your work on the committee this year.

And finally, we farewell Amine Ahmed-Chaouch, also a Club Councillor.  Amine has resigned from his job here in Sydney with the intention of returning to Canada briefly before taking up a new role in Thailand.  From the moment Amine joined the club he got totally involved in things, taking a committee role from his first contact with the club, and making the effort to run or assist with numerous club events.  And of course, who could forget Amine dressing up as a Mountie at our recent Canada Day party. I’m sure his contributions will be missed but I know he will have a great adventure in front of him in Thailand.

My sincere thanks to all those people who help our club function on a day to day basis… you guys really are the reason we even have a club.

See you on an event sometime soon!

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