President's Report, July - Happy Birthday Canada!

30 Jun 2009 10:20 PM | Chris Betcher
Wow, what a great party we had on Sunday June 28 to celebrate Canada Day 2009.  Over 70 members and friends of the club gathered together on the graceful old Manly ferry, the South Steyne (now a floating restaurant moored in Darling Harbour) and enjoyed a fabulous afternoon of sunshine, fine food and great conversation. 

It was really encouraging to have so many of our Canadian Australian Club members attend the celebration. For some, this is the one big club event they attend each year, for others it was one of the many events they regularly take part in.  We even had complete strangers - Canadians of course - wander into the party after seeing the Canadian flag hanging from the gangway of the boat!

A huge thank you needs to go out to those who made the day happen.  The organising committee of Amine Ahmed-Chaouch, Kim Preminger and Pam Trudel did a great job of coordinating the event - from planning the day, booking the venue, making the arrangements for food, prizes, decorations and so on. These days don't just happen - they take lots of organising and planning.  Amine, Kim and Pam were ably assisted by other members, in particular Brenda, Val, Alex, Laura Mae, Suzanne and Linda (hope I haven't left anyone out - my apologies if I have!)

One interesting aspect of the day was the number of new faces.  We had quite a few people join the club in the days leading up to Canada Day, due partly to a number of personal invitations from existing members to their Canadian friends, and partly due to Linda's terrific promotional efforts via Facebook.  It just goes to show how much we could grow this club if we really got serious about it.  Many of us work or socialise with other Canadians... have you told them about the club?  Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter also offer plenty of potential for connecting with Canadian living in Sydney, we just need to tap into their power. The real lesson is that we need to keep finding new ways to grow and evolve the club onto bigger and better things.  The more people we can attract to the club, the more interesting and diverse the club becomes, in turn making it easier to run lots of great events.

Finally, speaking of events, have a think about what you could do to host an event.  Perhaps you could host a restaurant night or a wine night? How about organising an outdoor event, a bushwalk, a barbeque, a picnic?  Maybe something sporty? Something active?  And what about something kid friendly?  I think last Sunday was proof that that there are plenty of families with young kids in our club, and we need to cater for these folk too.

These events don't just happen by accident.  If you offer to run something, we can list it on the Coming Events page of the website and find people to join you.  Don't be shy!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for coming along last Sunday and, again, happy birthday Canada!

Chris Betcher
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