President's Report, June - The myth of "They"

24 May 2009 11:31 PM | Chris Betcher
Clubs are an interesting phenomena. They are filled with people who come together for reasons that are often, when you stop and think about it, based on quite thin threads.  For example, in our club we all come from different professions, situations, ages and worldviews, but the thing we have in common is Canada, a country that lies 15,000 kms away. Whether we grew up there, lived there at some point, or simply just think it's a nice place, it's this thin thread of liking Canada that brings us together. In other clubs it might be people who have a common interest in the same music, or the same type of cars, or hiking or cooking or stamp collecting. The interesting thing about clubs is that although we sometimes start out by having an interest in something quite narrow, we can end up making friendships that extend way beyond the thin threads we started with.

As you look at any club and the variety of different individuals within them, one of the things that we need to remember is that they all operate on the goodwill and efforts of the members within them. Although we have a committee to help keep our club ticking along from month to month, we need to keep in mind that the real heart and soul of any club is the active involvement of all members. It's easy to fall into "they" thinking - "they" should do this, or "they" should do that - but the simple truth is that there really isn't a "they", only an "us". 

Our club is only as good as the involvement and contributions of our members.  If people get involved, run and attend events and volunteer to make things happen, then events will be run and attended and things will happen.  If we all sit about waiting until "they" do something, then nothing will happen, since there really is no "they", only "us".

So I have two challenges for you this month.  I hope you decide to take me up on one (or both) of them...

First challenge is this.  Get more involved in the club.  That might mean you make an extra effort to attend an event, maybe come to the monthly mixer or to one of the other upcoming events like the harbour walk or spectating at the ice hockey.  It might also mean you offer to organise and run an event, maybe hosting a wine night or organising a trip to a show, a restaurant or a gallery.  You might like to do a walk or a bike ride or a trip to the movies and invite other club members to join you.  Running an event is surprisingly easy... all you need to do is decide you want to do something that you find interesting and then let us know so we can put it in the events calendar and help find you some people to share it with.  You want to have a picnic or go hiking or try indoor rockclimbing? Don't do it alone... why not run it as a club event and make some new friends along the way?

The second challenge is this.  Let's grow this club. In the next 30 days, try to find one other person who you think would be interested in making new friends or being part of a club like this.  It might be another Canadian you know, maybe someone you work with or a friend of a friend. Tell them about our club.  Invite them along to an event.  Bring them on the harbour walk with you, or to the monthly drinks at Quay West or to the hockey. Invite them to celebrate Canada Day with us. If we all did this one simple thing, our club would grow stronger and even more diverse, and that's a good thing.

So get involved. Pitch in. Take an active role in your club.  Because it really is YOUR club.

See you on an event soon!

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