Trivial Pursuits

27 Feb 2012 12:13 AM | Chris Betcher
It's always amazing just how much useless information people store in their heads. But what's even more amazing is just how impressive that list of useless information can be when you have several heads working together.

On Wednesday night, Feb 8, a group of trivially-inclined CAC members met up at the Australian Hotel in the Rocks for their regular trivia night challenge. As well as a good chance to socialise, have a few drinks and enjoy a good pub dinner, we also got to show just how much useless information we actually do carry in our heads.

It's always surprising to see just how many truly obscure questions can be answered by a diverse group of people.  Whether the topic is history, geography, sport, politics, science, literature, music or film, if you get a group of people together the stuff they collectively know is always pretty impressive.

Apparently we were extra impressive on this particular night because we ended up winning the whole thing! Yes, we took out the first place, and so we've decided we need to go back and defend our title!

So join us next Wednesday night, Feb 29, for another evening of fun and trivia, (and also beer and wedges) as we try to prove that the last time was not just a fluke, but that our collective Canadian Australian brains really are superior!

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