June Wine Night - By Kim

12 Jun 2010 10:30 AM | Deleted user

I tried to keep this wine night on concept for wine glut and global economic meltdown, but a few other modern issues got included along the way. 

As far as the food went, the emphasis was on globalization as this is a worldwide problem, and in particular the countries that have featured one way or another in the recent downturn: there was Greek salad, of course, Indian pappadums, and even Middle Eastern cous cous where I got a bit naughty and mixed in some Danish feta! China was represented by a BBQ duck, also as a bit of a good luck charm: in Vietnam eating duck turns your luck around, so only eat it if you are having bad luck. We all ate duck for the world economy: things should be getting better now.

By the way, eating dog is believed in Vietnam to make your business grow, but uhm, let’s not. We had a dog in attendance at the wine night and we will have to consider that enough.  

Of course there was the ubiquitous crackers and cheese, olives and cocktail quiches.  What’s a wine night without that!  And in light of the airline furore in Europe, I couldn’t resist serving a goat cheese with a bit of ash on it!  We had some sheep cheese too – for the lactose intolerant! 

Dedicated to the victims of the Gulf of Mexico fubar, we had Deepwater Horizon Cajun Shrimp: they were a bit oily!

I chanced on a recipe on the internet (as you do) for a pie created to express the emotion of shadenfreude, which is the feeling of joy at another’s misfortune.  It is a really overwhelming, dark, bittersweet pie that is best served in very small portions. As the Australian wine industry is struggling with the wine glut at the moment, with many really good wines are being sold off cheap as cleanskins, the wine theme of the night, we experienced shadenfreude at the wine industry’s misfortune, and enjoyed the pie!

Rocky Road (ahead) finished the evening!

The wine? Oh yes, the wine. Normally at these events we go around with each bottle in turn and everyone tries the wines at the same time. For something new we had all the whites opened first and everyone could try what they wanted, then we had a break and some supper and hit the reds in the same manner.  I tried to keep some order by numbering the bottles and we had a vote at the end as to which was the tastiest. Best of Cleanskins White was: # and Red: #.  Only one entry in the Sparkling category, but two couples brought # and it was very popular.

I’m looking forward to attending the next wine night. Who’s up for hosting it?


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