Frost Flowers Found in BC

10 Feb 2013 12:05 PM | Deleted user
Global News in BC is currently running Kristi Gordon’s Weather Window feature during their News Hour Monday to Friday. One winner was Michelle Nortje, who took this amazing photograph of frost flowers in Gun Lake, British Columbia.

They aren't flowers, of course. They are more like ice sculptures that grow on the border between the water and air. To form, the air must be extremely cold and extremely dry, colder than the water surface. When the air gets that different from the water, the dryness pulls moisture off little bumps in the ice, bits of ice vaporize, the air gets humid undefined but only for a while. The cold makes water vapor heavy. The air wants to release that excess weight, so crystal by crystal, air turns back into ice, creating delicate, feathery tendrils that reach sometimes two, three inches high, like giant snowflakes.

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